NYC 24 Submission View


Welcome to the Game on Earth: Avatars of the Spirit

Submitted by: Akimova Nelya

Exhibition "Welcome to the Game on Earth: Avatars of the Spirit"

"Welcome to the Game on Earth: Avatars of the Spirit" is an in-depth research project that brings together six contemporary Artists. Their work embodies an artistic philosophy about the nature of the human soul and its journey in the world of material experiences on Earth.

The exhibition explores the concept that a human is more than just a physical shell, rather we are all Avatars of radiant Spiritual Energy. We are brought to Earth to experience various challenges of the material world, make mistakes, and ultimately find a path to our inner voice and spiritual essence. The individual who manages to unite the Creator's soul with the earthly mind becomes the victor in this grand game.

The participating Artists offer their unique perspective on the “human game on Earth” idea and their authentic soul-searching journey, helping us delve into Art as a tool for self-discovery and personal evolution.

1 - Through her paintings this Artist embodies the concept of the Earth as a vast game for our souls, with the opportunity to choose human avatars and related life scripts.

2 - By blending figurative and abstract elements in her paintings, this Artist introduces to viewers the “Genius Loci” within a person. It is boundless, unconditional, timeless, and has a direct connection with the "higher self."

3 - The Artist explores the interaction between the forces of nature and humanity, the energy of the Earth, and its role in human spiritual development.

4 - The Artist dives into the theme of spiritual journey through incredibly deep, hyper-realistic paintings. Her work reflects the soul's path through the essences of totemic animals that have long guarded humanity's earthly journey.

5 - The Artist merges human-made Art and computer-generated artistic elements in a mixed-media approach that offers new dimensions to a viewer. Her digital Art captures timelessness and universal serenity, stirring introspection and inner dialogue.

6 - Her ceramic sculptures are like the Earth from which our journey begins. Their smooth forms symbolize the continuous process of transformation, in which we transition from pure reality to a higher spiritual essence.


Zone 1 – Life is a Game: This zone showcases Art reflecting the game of Spirits through their avatars on Earth. Artists 1, 2.

Zone 2 – Spirits of Earth and Nature - Active Participants in the Game. This space features Artists 3, 4 and depicts the animals, Spirits, and Elements of Nature assisting humans in undergoing a spiritual game.

Zone 3 – Infinity: In this zone, Artists 5 and 6 demonstrate the possibilities of human awakening and the realization of the infinity of the soul's life. Sculptures and digital artworks displayed on LED screens convey universal serenity and timelessness.

The exhibition inspires viewers to contemplate the meaning of their existence, explore their inner world, and discover that we are all avatars of the radiant spiritual energy, brought to Earth to find our inner voice and unite our soul with earthly wisdom.