apexart :: New York City Fellow :: Simon Sheikh
Fellowship Program
Simon Sheikh
Curitic and curator, Copenhagen, Denmark
January 15 - February 14, 2003
    Simon Sheikh is a critic and curator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was director of OVERGADEN, contemporary Exhibition space of the cultural ministry, Copenhagen, from 1999 to 2002. He is currently an assistant professor in art theory at the Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, where he is head for the Critical Studies Programme, an international one-year course for artists, critics and curators, a joint venture btw. The academy and the Rooseum in Malmö. Since 1996 he has been co-editor of Øjeblikket, a danish magazine for visual cultures, and has since 1997 been writing for the daily newspaper Information. (He is currently writing a number of articles regarding the changing public sphere within cultural production in the United States after the changes in civil liberties and freedom of speech since 9-11 for said paper). His curatorial interest center around notions of narration, space and publicity, particularly within public works and the realm of video and film. Besides his work at OVERGADEN he has curated larger group shows, such as I Confess, Copenhagen 1995, Compartments, Copenhagen 1996, DIY - Mappings and Instructions, Vienna 1997, In My Room, Paris 1998 and Models of Resistance, Copenhagen 2000. He has edited anthologies such as The Meaning of Site, Ø, Copenhagen 1998 and We are All Normal (and we want our freedom), Black Dog Publishing, London 2001, as well as the forthcoming In the Place of the Public Sphere?, b_books, 2002 and a monograph on the work of Knut Åsdam, 2003.

On January 22, 2003, Mr. Sheikh presented the conversation "Urban Practices: Speaking About Desire and Dissent" with artists Knut Asdam, Katya Sander & Alex Villar.

Simon Sheikh was recommended by Kim Levin.