apexart :: New York City Fellow :: Maria Riskova
Fellowship Program
Name: Maria Riskova
Visiting From: Trnava, Slovak Republic  
Dates of Fellowship: October 18 - November 14, 2005  
Recommended by: Viera Jancekova
curator, Trnava, Slovak Republic
Maria Riskova (born 1974, Trnava) is a curator and educator based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. She holds a Master's Degree in History of Art and Culture from Trnava University and was on the Faculty of Humanities in the Department of History of Art and Culture. Riskova has coordinated and participated in a number of contemporary art programs, independent spaces and experimental projects across Slovakia and Central Europe. At the time of her residency she was working on a project at 13 m3, an organization she co-founded in 2005 devoted to exploring new modes of cultural presentation. She coordinated MULTIPLACE festival for new media culture (2002-2004), and curated for the XYZ group (2001, 2002). She has co-edited publications for a number of projects and was included in Check Slovakia! Young Art from Slovakia (2004).

FELLOWSHIP TALK: in conversation with Monika Weiss
November 9, 2005