apexart :: New York City Fellow :: Philippe Pirotte
Fellowship Program
Philippe Pirotte
curator, Antwerp, Belgium
September 15 - October 14, 2004

Philippe Pirotte
  Philippe Pirotte, born in 1972, is an art historian, critic and curator based in Antwerp, Belgium. Pirotte was recently appointed the new Director of the Kunstalle Bern, a post he begins in January 2005. Currently he is the artistic director of objectif_exhibitions, an Advisor at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, and a guest lecturer at the Universities of Ghent, Maastricht and Amsterdam. As a critic he is the Belgian correspondent to Tema Celeste, and writes regularly for NKA Journal of Contemporary African Art, KunstNu (magazine of SMAK) and is co-editor of the Flemish media-magazine Andere Sinema. For the 2001 Venice Biennial he collaborated with Jan Hoet on the catalogue of Luc Tuyman's exhibition at the Belgian Pavilion. Currently he is preparing exhibitions with artists Corey McCorkle, Pedro Cabrita Reis and Adrian Piper, as well as conducting research for a project on dialectics of desire between African and Western worlds, that is to be held at the Fashion Museum in Antwerp.

Mr. Pirotte was recommended by Jan Hoet, Director, MARTa Herford, Germany. In 2001, Mr. Hoet curated Time is Free at apexart.

Philippe Pirotte's fellowship talk at apexart, Wednesday, September 27, 2004