apexart :: New York City Fellow :: Lior Pinsky
Fellowship Program
Name: Lior Pinsky
Visiting From: Jerusalem, Israel  
Dates of Fellowship: July 3 - August 1, 2013  
Recommended by: Maayan Sheleff
independent curator in Tel Aviv
Lior Pinsky (b. 1981) investigates different elements of experimental music, dealing mainly with the relationships between folk culture, music, spatial composition, ambiance/space, minimalistic composition, and computer music programming. Pinsky graduated with excellence from the department of New-Music at the Musrara-Naggar School for Arts in Jerusalem. He has been inspired by many different experiences including a hike in the Swiss Alps that prompted an examination of the relationship between nature and electronics. In 2011, after working in London, he created ERES 2011, an experimental performance of folk lullabies, and collaborated with Jerusalem Sound Gallery on a sound walk that investigated the sonoric environment of the Russian compound and folk ceremonies in downtown Jerusalem. His most recent works include Blind Beating 2012, a musical piece created for two ensembles that play online and can only communicate through the acoustical phenomenon "Beating" created by sine waves, and one bird 2012, a textual based show that deals with the social and political situation of Jerusalem nowadays via neo-folk music and sound poetry.
Video will show here.
FELLOWSHIP TALK: in conversation with Amanda Browder from Bad at Sports and apexart Fellow Sally Gil
July 26, 2013: download video (315 MB .mp4)