apexart :: New York City Fellow :: Dimitry Pilikin
Fellowship Program
Dimitry Pilikin
artist and curator, St. Petersburg, Russia
November 15 - December 14, 2004
  Dimitry Pilikin (born, 1960, Leningrad) is an artist, curator, and art critic based in St. Petersburg, Russia. As an artist he has exhibited widely and he works in a wide range of media, from sculpture, objects and installation to photography and new electronic media. In 1994 he was the author of the first Petersburg art project on the Internet. As a curator Pilikin has organized a large number of exhibitions, including Photography As a Small Death (2000). Since 2000 he has been the art director of the annual festival Autumn Photo Marathon and since 1995 as been the curator of Gallery 21. As an art critic he was published in Moscow Art Magazine, Imago: Another European Photography (Bratislava), Maksimka (St. Petersburg), Interior + Design (Moscow), Visibility Of the Invisible (St. Petersburg, 1996), and others. Since 1997, he has been the author of a permanent column focused on problems of contemporary art in the social newspaper Na Dne (The Depths). Currently Pilikin is working on the next festival of Autumn Photo Marathon, a DVD-rom on the history of Russian video-art and is taking part in the international workshop Point Zero in France.

Dimitry Pilikin was recommended to apexart's fellowship program by Anna Matveyeva, Curator, National Center for Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg


Performance at the frame of installation The End of a Belle Epoque, Gallery 21, St. Petersburg, 1995.

Video installation REAL - IRREAL Bourge, France, 1994.