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Fellowship Program
Ani O'Neill
artist, Auckland, New Zealand
May 15 - June 14, 2003

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  Ani O'Neill has been working as a part-time Senior Tutor at Auckland University’s Elam School of Fine Arts for the last four years, firstly in the Sculpture section and now in the Te Toi Hou / The New Art section. She is part of the art and performance group ‘Pacific Sisters’ as well as being a member of the ‘Cuckoo Collective’, a group of artists and writers who curate small shows in New Zealand and abroad for emerging and less visible artists. Since graduating from Art School in 1994, she has shown her work extensively in New Zeland and Australia, as well as in the Pacific and Los Angeles. Her work is usually site-specific and installation based, and she works in a range of media including craft-based materials, performance, video, and in text and image for page works. Ms. O'Neill also enjoys working with schools and communities to produce collaborative works, as well a collaborating with other artists on projects. She is represented by the Sue Crockford Gallery in Auckland, and the Mori Gallery in Sydney.

Ms. O'Neill was recommended by Tobias Berger, Director of Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand.