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Fellowship Program
Name: Sofija Grandakovska
Visiting From: Skopje, Macedonia  
Dates of Fellowship: February 20 - March 19, 2009  
Recommended by: Hristina Ivanoska
arts administrator in Skopje, Macedonia
Sofija Grandakovska, scholar, poet, theorist, comparativist, and semiotician, actively engages in interdisciplinary studies in the area of comparative literature and visual semiotics. Sofija is the author of the scholarly books The Discourse of the Prayer [Говорот на молитвата](2008) and The Portrait of the Image [Портретот на сликата](2010), and two books of poetry The Eighth Day [Осмиот ден](2005) and The Burning Sun [Препечено сонце](2009), editor of the bilingual book The Jews from Macedonia and the Holocaust: history, culture and theory [Евреите од Македонија и холокаустот: историја, култура и теорија] (2011) and is co-editor of the bilingual book-zine edition DOMA [HOME], vol. 1 (2010). Her research papers have been published in many theoretical anthologies in Macedonia and abroad. Currently, Dr. Grandakovska works as assistant professor at the Institute for Social and Humanities Research Euro-Balkan, Skopje, Macedonia, where she teaches Contemporary Theories of Culture.

Read Ms. Grandakovska's article in Skopje's E1 magazine.

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FELLOWSHIP TALK: resident/alien with past apexart Fellowss Edwin Ramoran and Jayson Keeling, and writer Carlo McCormick
March 11, 2009 - download talk (31MB .mp3)

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