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Fellowship Program
Name: Nicky Enright
Destination: Bangkok, Thailand  
Dates of Fellowship: November 30 - December 31, 2010
Recommended by: Melissa Rachleff-Burtt
professor of Arts Administration at NYU
Nicky Enright is a multimedia artist and educator born in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1971. He is based in New York City, where he received a BFA from The Cooper Union and an MFA from Hunter College. His international experience, coupled with his activity as a musician and DJ, informs his art, which explores various global issues. Important among them is his search for intermediary spaces that challenge binary logic. He is particularly interested in national borders and cultural mobility. Nicky has executed numerous commissions for clients such as the MTA Arts for Transit in NYC, and the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington D.C. His international currency, The Globo, was recently on view at Exit Art, in NYC, and profiled on the Forbes Magazine website. His work is featured in NASA / ART: 50 Years of Exploration (Abrams, 2008). His work demonstrates his struggle to question and clarify concepts of origin, authenticity, and boundaries.

Special thanks to Logan Bay for all his work on this International Fellowship in Bangkok.

This fellowship was supported, in part, by our "School an Artist" Kickstarter fundraiser with contributions from: Adam Whittaker, Adam Scheinbach, Barbara Coe, Bernice Hauser, Betsy Rosalen, C. Michael Whittaker, Caroll Michels, Casey Smith, Cecile Chong, Ellen T. Kirch, Erin Sickler, Fritzie Brown, Guyon Knight, Heather Brooke, Heather Kouris, Heather Ourman, Joachim Pissarro, John Cole, John Meli, Jonathan M. Fields, José Machuca, Joseph Enright, Joy Langer, Karen Beatty, Karen H, Lynda Klich, Marcia Annenberg, Maria Yoon, Marisol Garcia-Cordon, Marjorie and Lorence Long, Melissa Rachleff-Burtt, Michael E. Clark, Michele Murdock, Milton, Naomi Raquel Enright, Palma Repole, Patrick, Pilar Enright, Rebecca Bahr, Steven Seltz, and Steven Rand.

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FELLOWSHIP TALK: A conversation between apexart's 2010 Fellows Valerie Crosswhite and Nicky Enright
January 26, 2011- download video (466MB .m4v)

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