apexart :: New York City Fellow :: Ting-Tong Chang
Fellowship Program
Name: Ting-Tong Chang
Visiting From: London, England  
Dates of Fellowship: March 20 - April 19, 2013  
Recommended by: Meiya Cheng
independent curator and co-founder of Taipei Contemporary Art Center
Ting-Tong Chang (b. 1982, Taiwan) received his MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2011. Known in Taipei, where he organized numerous artistic interventions and events; as a graffiti artist, his artistic practice covers both street art and elements of traditional painting and sculpture. His installations are marked with brevity and absurd objects, getting to the core of contemporary problems: globalization stimulated by the developments in technology, blurred boundaries between nations, or the omniscient fear of terrorism that we are already accustomed to. Freely and with a wicked dose of black humor, Chang toys with such concepts as death, war, and mass destruction, which have become ingrained in today's world. Chang lives and works in London and has exhibited and received a number of awards internationally including the Taipei Biennial (2008), Forum Biennial 2010 (Taipei), Moscow Biennial (2012), Salon Art Prize (London, 2011), European Performance Festival (Warsaw, 2011), Malta Festival (Poznan, 2012).
Video will show here.
FELLOWSHIP TALK: in conversation with Julia Knight
April 18, 2013: download audio (29 MB .mp3)