apexart :: Maurizio Couldn't Be Here :: The Taste of Others

The Taste of Others
curated by Leeza Ahmady
MARCH 5 1-5 pm

organized by Heather Kouris

part of Maurizio Couldn't Be Here




The main event of the day is All you CAN eat Keecheerrii Kooroot - a presentation of a special practice during the winter in Afghanistan and other countries of Central Asia (Tajikistan, Iran and Uzbekistan). To beat the freezing cold of the long winters, a common way Afgans heat their homes is by installing a Sandalee. Keecheerrii Kooroot is a famous Afghan dish, usually served during the winter. It is delicious, visually delightful and has a very ceremonious preparation process. The Sandalee & Keecheerii Kooroot represent tastes for the communal. They are about the family unit, and the collective purpose and experience. It's an intimacy that's very different. All visitors on March 5 are welcome to experience the cozy-warmth of the Sandalee and to taste Keecheerrii Kooroot as served traditionally.

Video program will run concurrently with works by Lida Abdul, Roya Ghiasy, Mariam Ghani, (Afghanistan), Nikhil Chopra (India), Yerbossyn Meldibekov (Kazakhstan), Alexander (Uzbekistan), Jacob Fuglsang Mikklesen (Denmark), Sislej Xhafa (Kosovo) Muratbek Jumaliev & Gulnara Kasmalieva (Kyrgyz Republic).

The word taste refers to the subjective, yet we often view it as something objective. We compete with, criticize, and envy other’s tastes. Taste can mean that which is acquired or possessed, the idea of having
and not having. The artists in the presentation come from places with centuries of accumulated tastes invested in collective pride, but today no taste is safe, nor pure. These artists reveal the wisdom, connection, diversity, absurdity and contradictions of various tastes in the world.

Special thanks to:
Zahra Sherzad, Project Assistant
Keecheerrii Koooroot sponsored by Ariana Afghan Kebab Restaurant
Chuk Palu: Traditional and Contemporary Afghan Rugs
all other volunteers for their help to make All you CAN eat possible.