apexart :: Maurizio Couldn't Be Here :: Bootlegs

Bootlegs by Eric Doeringer
MARCH 12 1-7 pm
organized by Fernanda Arruda
(who was invited by Maurizio)

part of Maurizio Couldn't Be Here




New York artist Eric Doeringer has copied works of more than forty famous contemporary artists. Bootlegs is a series of miniature replicas of paintings, sculpture, photographs, videos and other media. Like any street vendor, Doeringer sells his bootlegs for a fraction of the price of the originals. His pieces are normally found in close proximity to busy art centers, like the streets of Chelsea, on the edge of art fairs, or at the entrance of museums.

Mask n.
1. a covering for the eyes, mouth, or whole face
2. something that conceals or disguises something else, for example, true motives or feelings
3. a representation of a face used as an ornament or decoration
4. the face or facial markings of some animals, for example, foxes and raccoons
5. a natural or artificial feature that hides military troops and installations from an enemy
6. a template used to control the pattern of conducting material deposited or etched onto a semiconductor chip
7. a facial preparation used to tighten the skin and remove impurities, applied to the skin as a paste and allowed to dry before being removed
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