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The Incidental Person
Curated by Antony Hudek

January 6 to February 20, 2010

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Project descriptions:

Ron Bernstein
Slide Archive, 2010 The slide archive of Ron Bernstein’s parents, with accompanying drawings – by AH Bernstein – retracing the couple's European trips between 1968 and 1989. The archive's transport from Cincinnati to apexart forms an integral part of the work’s affective spatial and temporal dynamics.

Raphaele Bidault-Waddington
The Polygon Project at LIID ® (Laboratoire d’Ingenierie d’Idees), 2010 During The Incidental Person, RBW will invite “original thinkers” from various disciplines to brainstorm on five topics: the Democratic Corporation, urban conceptual models, Aesthetic Intelligence, the Republic of Images, and the figure of the polygon. Feel free to join the lab.

Luca Frei
Drawings, 2008–2010 The drawings are preparatory sketches for a neon installation composed of four sentences, selected among a variety written by visitors to the exhibition Disobedience, Nottingham Contemporary, in 2008.

Will Holder
The Middle of Nowhere, 2010 (ongoing) Pages 137–144 of The Middle of Nowhere – an adaptation of William Morris’ News from Nowhere (or An Epoch of Rest, Being Some Chapters From a Utopian Romance) of 1890 – a description of a 2004 society rooted in Victorian Socialist ideologies.

John Latham

Marysia Lewandowska
Women’s Audio Archive, 1985–2010 Lewandowska established the Women’s Audio Archive in 1985, when she moved from Warsaw to London. From an obsessive process of recording which marked her engagement with cultural life in a new context, the closed collection is for the first time made publicly available. (At apexart: with the voices of John Cage, Donald Judd, Alan Kaprow, Rosalind Krauss, John Latham, Marysia Lewandowska and Maureen Paley.)

Gianni Motti
Funds Show, 2009
In 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, at the Contemporary Art Center of Delme, France, the artist converted the entire budget of the exhibition into one dollar bills. They were thrown from the passageway to the white and empty exhibition space on the ground floor… The budget for the realization of the work became the work itself. A video shows the money rain.

Brian O’Doherty
Between Categories 1957–68: An early conceptual artwork, 1968 “… I drew five sets of cards depicting an object changing to another in ten stages (…). Coming across these cards in New York in 1968, I decided they were an artwork in potency. (…)”

Joachim Pfeufer
Text and video, 1975–1990 Documents (1975–1990) and video footage (1978) relating to The Poipoidrome, an architectural and poetical structure originally conceived by Joachim Pfeufer and Robert Filliou in 1962–63.

Keiko Sei
Video archive (ongoing) These videos are part of collection made by Burmese or Burmese-related groups and organizations. All deal with political issues of this troubled country.

Barbara Steveni
Poster and video, 1971–2009. Two bodies of work by Barbara Steveni, initiator and co-founder of Artist Placement Group (APG): video and print documentation of the APG exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London (1971), and footage from I Am An Archive project (2008– ).

Megan Sullivan
Die Hunterklasse, 2008 Die Hunterklasse is foremost a curious object that hovers on the border dividing what is art and not. It is about a horse riding discipline called “Hunterklasse”, which has recently been introduced in Germany based on a popular American style of riding (“show hunter”).

Neal White
The Redactor, 2010. The first issue of the REDACTOR, launched at apexart for The Incidental Person, is a stamped limited edition publication featuring an exclusive interview with leading UK secrecy activist, campaigner and journalistic source, Mike Kenner, as well as incidental editorials, news and features from our correspondents in the field -- Rich Pell, Steve Rowell -- and visual contributions by John Latham and Jenny Holzer. www.o-o-e.org

Faculty and students from Portland State University MFA Art and Social Practice Concentration

Katy Asher

SEA Change (Katherine Ball + Alec Neal) with Matthew Warren
Climate Change March Banners, 2009 These banners were made during a banner-making workshop in Copenhagen during the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP15 in December 2009.

Jen Delos Reyes
People Never Notice Anything, 2010 Visitors are invited to take with them a free pencil and pad of paper — emblazoned with the quote “People never notice anything.” — in which they can note their observations, thoughts and points of interest. At the end of the exhibition a group of individuals will give short public presentations at apexart about the findings they recorded in their notebooks.

Harrell Fletcher
Some People (ongoing) Some People (www.somepeoplepeople.com) is a participatory web project that encourages and archives documentaries made about individuals by people who know and appreciate them. The documentaries can take the form of video, sound, images, text or any combination of those things.

Constance Hockaday
An Incomplete History of Rafts, 2010 An Incomplete History of rafts invites visitors to explore a genealogy of raft builders who have inspired the next generation to use rafts and the water as tools of the spirit.

Ariana Jacob
Documentation of Conversation Station, 2010 Conversation Station is an informal conversational research project that invites people in public places to sit down and discuss what they think about unsettling but ordinary subjects.

Hannah Jickling & Helen Reed – The Pancake Placement Group
The Incidental Pancake, 2010 The Pancake Placement Group presents The Incidental Pancake, a bacterial enterprise that collaborates with many hosts. The PPG will introduce their 111-year old Yukon Goldrush sourdough culture into the mix of a Tribeca eatery’s pancake batter.

Laurel Kurtz & Sandy Samspon
Public Speaking, 2010 Public Speaking is a collaborative project between Laurel Kurtz, Sandy Sampson, Dale Blagrove, the Pride Toastmasters club and people in district 46. Kurtz and Sampson will gather thoughts from people in apexart’s neighborhood. These verbatim transcripts will be presented publicly in formal speech reenactments performed by up to 100 Toastmasters on 19 February 2010, at a location to be announced.

Zach Springer, Jesse McAfee, Will Burnip
The Print Factory (ongoing) hosts workshops about printmaking using a portable handmade etching press, called an Automini. The printing blocks are made with people at the workshops and local artists; most of the blocks are site specific to where we the printing occurs.

Eric Steen
Art & Beer (At the Museum), 2009 Eric Steen invited three Portland microbreweries to tour the Portland Art Museum, select an artwork, and use that artwork as inspiration to brew a new beer. These beers were served for free to museum visitors for one night.

Michelle Swineheart
Artist Placement in USPS, 2009 From December 7 through December 24, 2009, Swinehart worked at the US Postal Service as a Christmas Casual temporary employee in Portland, Oregon. In an effort to explore people’s lives outside of her experience at the Post Office, she decided to record a series of conversations with people she met and to mail these to apexart every couple of weeks.

Lexa Walsh
Jingle Orchestras (ongoing) DIAL-a-Cheer (ongoing) The Jingle Orchestras are transient, impermanent groupings of musicians and interested persons who write ‘cheerful advertisement songs’ about the places they live and work. DIAL-a-Cheer is a service that performs custom cheers for those in need of cheering up.


Jason Zimmerman
The Recreation of an Object I Made as a Child, 2009 The “things” on view are recreations of those Zimmerman made as a child. Primal objects, they sit uncomfortably between recollection and regression, objectness and re-performance.