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Come Out & Play
6 days of projects organized by Azeb Worku Sibane, Vicky Shick, Daniel Seiple, Sheree Rose, Radhika Subramaniam, and Shelly Silver

response: in complete world
Organized by Shelly Silver

Saturday, June 14, 2008

11am - 6pm
Simultaneous screenings of:
Comizi d'Amore/Love Connections, Piero Pasolini (1965/90:00)
Le Joli Mai, Chris Marker (1963/165:00)
in complete world, Shelly Silver (2008/58:00)

6:30pm - 8pm
Preview screening and discussion of
in complete world


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Are you satisfied?
Do you make enough money?
Are we responsible for the government we have?
Are we responsible for what our government does?
Do you feel personally responsible for the war in Iraq?
Does equal opportunity exist in the United States?
What are you most scared of?

On the 14th of June, in this presidential election year, Shelly Silver proposes a day of questions and answers centered around individual and collective responsibility*, or, more specifically, where we find ourselves as American citizens in this place (NYC) at this time (2008). These are the issues taken up by a large group of New Yorkers in Silver's soon-to-be-finished film in complete world.

*The definition of the term responsibility is: answerable (to another, for something), from the Latin responsus: 'to respond.' Starting with the word 'responsibility' leads quickly to the necessity for discourse.

11:00 am – 6 pm: The day's activities will include screenings, as well as the chance to respond, as visitors will be asked to write answers to a series of questions, including those listed above.

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm: The evening's activity will include a preview screening of, and discussion around in complete world, followed by a discussion moderated by Maureen Connor.



Shelly Silver is a New York based artist working with the moving image. More info about her work can be found at http://www.shellysilver.com