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Come Out & Play
6 days of projects organized by Azeb Worku Sibane, Vicky Shick, Daniel Seiple, Sheree Rose, Radhika Subramaniam, and Shelly Silver

With special guest Sheree Rose

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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New York Press review

11am to 6pm
Film screenings from apexart's open call for short performance videos on the topic of exhibitionism and sado-masochism. All submitted works will be screened. Artists include Einat Amir, Cortney Andrews, Leah B. Aron, Joshua Balgos, Tad Beck, Irina Birger, Skip Blumberg, Emily Verla Bovino, Myra Brooklyn, Kathleen Callahan, Lana Citowsky, Alexander Conner, Jay Critchley, Alberto De Michele, Elizabeth DiGiovanni, Mariya Dimov, Richard Dinter, Eleanor Dubinsky, Magdalena Dziurlikowska, Klas Eriksson, Amir Fattal, Rachel Marie Fick, James Fox Jr., Marcy B. Freedman, Gruppo Sinestetico, A. Jacob Galle, Tony Gault, Miho Hagino, Kim Harmon, Heide Hatry, Loredana Hernandez, Steve Hines, IVARAD, Darren Jones, Chris Kasper, Fassih Keiso, Laura Kloss, I-Hua Lee, Naomi Leibowitz, Elizabeth Leister, Holly Lester, Magsammen + Hillerbrand, Elana Mann, Park McArthur, Flavia Müller Medeiros, Kader Muzaqi, Corinne Mynatt, Joe Nanashe, Cai Nyahoe, Marianna O'Reilly, Daniel O'Reilly, Ann Oren, Habby Osk, Kevin Regan, RISHA, Ryan Roa, Dina Ropele, Kirirani Saeri, Eric Siu, Meghann Snow, Willamain Somma, Paris Tselios, Angeliki Tsotsoni, Jen Urso, Joseph S. Valle, Jørgen van Eijk, Audrey Ward, Kellie Wells, Sheilah Wilson, Sarah E, E. Young
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6:30 to 8pm
Discussing S&M: A painless conversation with Sheree Rose, collaborator and dominatrix of Bob Flanagan.
Sheree Rose will show excerpts from the award-winning documentary "Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist," along with seldom-seen short videos. Not for the prude, humor-less or squeamish!
Click here to download audio file of Sheree Rose in conversation (1 hour 26 min, 39Mbs)

Sheree Rose is widow and collaborator of Bob Flanagan. She has given lectures and participated in various art activities internationally at The Tate Modern in Liverpool and the Big Site exhibit in Tokyo, Japan, where she shocked audiences with her 20-foot vinyl replica of Bob Flanagan. Sheree and Bob were no strangers to controversy, as their S&M imagery seemed to touch a nerve in everyone who viewed it.