Although the fight against HIV/AIDS has taken many strides forward, Trans* folks remain one of the most affected populations without access to healthcare and antiretroviral medications that men living with HIV/AIDS now receive. This is heightened for populations of color as an effect of the intersectional stigma that BIPoC Trans* folks face. On this World AIDS Day we look to understand the nuances of this ongoing epidemic, alongside the measures that grassroots trans* leaders are demanding from state and medical systems.

After Party Collective (New Delhi), formed by artist-curator duo Vidisha-Fadescha and Shaunak Mahbubani in 2019, acts in intersections between curatorial and performance practices, energizing choreographies of community, agency, legality, and pleasure. Expanding the Party as a site for critical praxis they produce spaces of embodied thinking directed towards the affirmation of trans*, intersex, and other gender-deviant bodies.