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First Round - Send images for consideration - FAQs

Q: Is there a fee to submit images or to participate?
A: No.

Q: How can I become a finalist and compete at Brooklyn Glass for free?
A: Submit images of two pipes you have made in the form to the right by end of day March 9, 2017.

Q: Can I submit an image of my decorative glass work?
A: No. Only functioning pipes are allowed as examples. We are looking for glassblowers who have prior pipe-making experience.

Q: So all I have to submit are images of two pipes I’ve already made?
A: Yes, we allow you to upload four images so you can feature two perspectives of each pipe.

Q: Who decides who will compete at Brooklyn Glass?
A: The exhibition curator David Bienenstock will review submitted examples and select competition participants.

Q: How many people will be selected to compete?
A: 24. Brooklyn Glass is able to accommodate six glassblowers at a time, and apexart will host four four-hour sessions on March 10-11, 2017.

Second Round - Flameworkers invited to the competition - FAQs

Q: When will I find out which day I will attend the competition?
A: We will announce the list of finalists via email by March 7 and will schedule specific dates individually with the competitors shortly thereafter.

Q: Do I have to make the pipe at Brooklyn Glass?
A: Yes. The competition is intended to challenge all participants to use the same materials with the same space and time limitations to create a pipe for the final selection.

Q: Who determines the contents of the box?
A: The Glass Gods.

Q: Should I bring my own tools or torch?
A: Brooklyn Glass has what you'll need to make your pipe, but you are welcome to bring your own tools and torch for the competition. Please note that Brooklyn Glass uses natural gas (not propane).

Q: Can I bring an assistant to help me?
A: Nah. It’s a one-person gig.

Q: Can I request a particular day to compete at Brooklyn Glass?
A: No, but we will attempt to make accommodations when possible.

Q: What if I am selected as a finalist and am then unexpectedly unable to attend the competition?
A: We will feel bad that you can’t come, and will offer the spot to someone else.

Q: What is the prize?
A: The winner's pipe will be included in the exhibition Outlaw Glass.

Q: Are non-competitors allowed to attend/watch the sessions at Brooklyn Glass?
A: No, only contestants and competition hosts will be present as there is not enough space to have an audience as well.

Q: Do finalists get to keep the pipe they created at the competition?
A: Yes, pipes will be returned to their creators after the exhibition is over.

Q: Will apexart showcase the work of the finalists and what they do at Brooklyn Glass?
A: Yes, images of finalists’ work will be pictured on the apexart website. apexart will be video recording the competition, however you may opt out of being included in the video.

Q: Can I ask questions?
A: Of course, right here.

Good luck! More info at apexart.org