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Q: Do I have be a "curator" to submit a group exhibition proposal? May I submit a proposal with other organizers?
A: Anyone from anywhere is encouraged to enter and no prior curatorial experience is necessary. The jury will read your proposal without your name attached to it. Curatorial teams are eligible and encouraged to submit. All participating organizers must be listed by name on the application.

Q: Who juries the exhibition proposals? What kind of exhibition is apexart looking for?
A: An international jury of approximately 200 individuals evaluates the proposals in a "blind" process online. Jurors do not know each other and there is no discussion between them or with apexart staff. The jury changes every year. apexart respects the jury process and does not interfere. No topics are off limits, no ideas too controversial. Jurors are selected from our audience, from the international arts community, and from fields outside of the visual arts to help give feedback from diverse perspectives and ensure that our programming responds to the interests of our followers.

Q: What are the basic elements you are looking for?
A: Submissions must be a proposal for an original group exhibition to be presented for the first time and include at least THREE artists for the exhibition. Proposals must be submitted in English and not exceed the 500 word limit. Please do not include any links or bio information, as all URLs and bios are removed.

Q: When is the submission deadline? How many exhibitions will be selected? When will the winning exhibitions be announced?
A: Submissions will be accepted from February 1 - 28, 2017 (11:59 PM EST-New York time). Four exhibitions will be presented around the world. The winning exhibitions will be announced approximately five weeks after the submission deadline.

Q: When will the selected exhibitions be on view?
A: Exhibitions will be presented between September 2017 - July 2018. apexart has pre-determined the four time slots for winning Franchise Exhibitions. The first place winner has first choice of these times, second place winner has second choice, etc. We cannot guarantee time slots for proposed exhibitions.

Q: What is the role of apexart?
A: apexart works with winners on finding a location, logistics, and ensuring that the resulting exhibition is consistent with the original proposal. Winning proposals are apexart Franchise Exhibitions, organized by you in the location you determine.

Q: Is the Franchise Program a grant for an exhibition project already underway or confirmed?
A: No. The Franchise is an opportunity for your curatorial idea to become an apexart exhibition in the location of your choice. Proposals cannot be for exhibitions that have previously occurred, are already in partnership with another organization, or have been presented at another institution.

Q: Can I raise additional money for the exhibition?
A: Yes, but no partnering organizations, no logos, and with no effect to content (i.e., no mandatory inclusion of artists geographically).

Q: Should my proposal include artist names and descriptions of their work? Do I need to confirm artists in order to submit?
A: You should include whatever information you think is essential to emphasizing the exhibition's idea, however naming artists that jurors aren’t familiar with may not be the best use of your word limit in order to convey your idea to the jurors. An artist list does not need to be confirmed to apply, and artists names listed in winning proposals will be removed pending their confirmation or your decision to include other artists.

Q: Do I need to confirm venue participation before I apply?
A: Venues do not need to be confirmed and should not be included in the proposal. apexart will assist you in securing a location for the exhibition and all other logistics. The location cannot be associated with or be a commercial art venue.

Q: Can I propose an exhibition that will take place in more than one geographic location (more than one city)? Can the exhibition include a travel component?
A: No. Exhibitions must take place in only one city/country. Please only enter one city in the application. However, you may use more than one venue in the same city/town to present your show, and exhibitions must be on view for at least four weeks. Franchise exhibitions may travel to additional venues after the initial installation is complete, provided outside funding is secured.

Q: Can I propose an exhibition that first starts with me or other individuals staying for a period of time in the location for initial research and/or artwork making?
A: No. The Franchise is not a travel grant to make work en route, nor is it a residency program focused on new production. The Franchise budget may only be applied to exhibition expenses.

Q: Can the exhibition include a series of performances or workshops?
A: Proposed exhibitions may feature performances, but we require that something be on view for a duration of four weeks for visitors to see. An exhibition may include incidental workshops, but the exhibition itself cannot be composed of workshops.

Q: Can I submit an exhibition with an open call? Can my proposal include a residency component?
A: No. No. A proposal's concept should be fully established/constructed when it is submitted.

Q: Can my proposed show include sales of work?
A: No. apexart is a not-for-profit institution which does not engage in any sales-related activities.

Q: Can I submit a proposal for a solo show or an exhibition of my own work?
A: No. All proposals must be group shows of at least three people. Including yourself in an exhibition proposal is allowed but must be clearly stated. In addition, proposals will not be accepted for exhibitions where multiple people create a single artwork or "artist project." Artist projects are exhibitions that involve other artists or individuals working on the submitter's idea to create a single work or installation. If you want an opinion on a specific project to avoid problems, it must be submitted to questions@apexart.org one week prior to deadline.

Q: I already won an apexart Franchise Program Exhibition. Can I win again?
A: No, you may not re-apply if you have already won, but you may apply for our Unsolicited Proposal Program open call, beginning October 2017.

Q: What is the exhibition budget and what does it cover?
A: apexart will provide up to $6,000 for travel (organizer/artists), transportation of artwork, and general expenses; up to $2,000 for venue rental; and a $2,000 curatorial honorarium. apexart will assist and support the organizer to help locate outside support, however these efforts must be initiated by the curator.

Q: What information is available to jurors? Do the jurors see my name?
A: When your proposal is submitted to the online jury, your name and contact information are removed. This is done to create an even playing field for all submitters, regardless of your background or experience. The jurors see the exhibition title, the intended location of the Franchise exhibition, and the city/country of the submitter. After the jurying has finished, the four winning proposals are posted on the apexart website as originally submitted, with or without proposed artist names as you wish. Proposals that do not win are no longer available for access.

Q: Can I submit more than one proposal? Can I submit an exhibition that has been presented elsewhere? Can I submit supplementary materials?
A: No.

Q: How do I find out the status of my submission?
A: You will receive an email confirmation upon submission. If you don't, please contact apexart via email ONLY. After jurying has been completed (usually five weeks after the submission deadline), you will be sent a link to see where your proposal ranks.

Q: Can I send you my edits?
A: No changes may be made after submitting your proposal.

Q: Where can I find more information about other open call programs and additional resources?
A: You can learn about our open call programs here and you may wish to review past successful proposals.

Q: Who can I contact if I still have questions?
A: questions@apexart.org

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