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apexart :: You’re Not Sick, You’re Weak :: Jasa McKenzie
apexart - Nagoya, Japan
You're Not Sick, You're Weak
organized by Jasa McKenzie

July 1 - July 28, 2018

Opening Reception:
Thursday, January 1, 12-12 am

An Open Call exhibition
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You're Not Sick, You're Weak addresses the perception of mental illness in Eastern culture. A nation in dire need of mental health awareness is Japan, which holds a harrowing suicide rate from undiagnosed issues in a population too bound by stigma to seek help. This exhibition provides a platform for artists who have experience with mental illness. Their works express their perspectives to the public, giving the artworks a voice to shout in a culture that has them on mute.

The exhibition features Eastern and Western artists who work with concepts of mental illness. It explores cross-cultural commonalities in experience and depiction of mental illness, exemplifying the acceptance mental illness expression in the public realm. Art holds a strong power to communicate and to comfort. Breaching toxic taboos of mental illness through art will raise awareness of how common mental illness is and how seeking help is strength, not weakness.

Jasa McKenzie is a curator and artist based in New York City. She is currently a fellow of the MA Curatorial Practice program at the School of Visual Arts. She obtained her bachelor?s degree in Studio Art from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In her practice, she is driven by issues of identity, equality, and social justice. Her recent exhibitions include My-O-My and The Map is Not the Territory in New York and Brooklyn. Her work and writing have been featured in Artspeak, Daily Serving, Visual Opinion, and SVA publications as well as her public blog, The New Heroin(e).

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