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apexart :: Double Take Reading Series

Double Take
the reading series that makes you think twice

Organized by Bookforum Editor Albert Mobilio, Double Take is a unique reading series that asks award winning and emerging poets, novelists, editors, and artists to trade takes on shared experiences.

Over the past 6 seasons such literary luminaries as J.C. Hallman and James Marcus; Rick Moody and Tim Davis; and Elizabeth Willis and Charles Bernstein have teamed up to bring apexart’s audience original works written specifically for Double Take to create a one of a kind evening of stories and reflections.

Double Take Readings are free and open the public.

Double Take XIII

April 21, 2015

Three pairs of authors trade takes on a shared experience. Stay tuned for details!

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Double Take XII
April 14, 2015

Three pairs of authors trade takes on a shared experience. Stay tuned for details!

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Double Take XI

November 12, 2014

Karen Schoemer & Laurie Stone
Star Black & Joseph Donahue
Sarah Braunstein & William Giraldi

Double Take X

October 29, 2014

Alexandra Chasin & Robert Lopez
Filip Noterdaeme & Rick Whitaker
J.C. Hallman & James Marcus

Double Take IX

April 29, 2014

Mike Heppner & Joseph McElroy
Wendy S. Walters & Siddhartha Deb
Catherine Texier & Minna Proctor

Double Take VIII

April 2, 2014

Mónica de la Torre & Adam Fitzgerald
Eric Banks & Melanie Rehak
Wendy Lesser & Arthur Lubow

Double Take VII

October 8, 2013

Christopher Sorrentino & Andrew Hultkrans
Cathy Park Hong & Nelly Reifler
Mary Jo Bang & Timothy Donnelly

Double Take VI

October 1, 2013

Rachel Cohen & Vijay Seshadri
Christine Schutt & Rene Steinke
B. Kite & Geoffrey O'Brien

Double Take V

March 12, 2013

Elizabeth Kendall & Margo Jefferson
Jess Row & Martha Southgate
Frederic Tuten & Iris Smyles

Double Take IV

March 5, 2013

Charles Bernstein & Elizabeth Willis
John Yau & Eugene Lim
Rick Moody & Tim Davis

Double Take III

December 4, 2012

Susan Daitch & Christopher Beha
Richard Price & Lorraine Adams
Jennifer Gilmore & Joanna Hershon

Double Take II

November 8, 2012

Stacey D'Erasmo & Maud Casey
Ben Anastas & Ed Park
Albert Mobilio & Alan Gilbert

Double Take I

May 17, 2012

Darcey Steinke & Shelley Jackson
Paul La Farge & Emily Barton
Joshua Cohen & Justin Taylor

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